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Esme’s BUTCHERY offers a lot more than simply steaks!

You can choose and order from a variety of meat cuts. All available online from the comfort of your home. Emsmes buchery brings you lamb, beef, pork and more quality meats sourced from approved abattoirs who ensure certain the highest standards. We are firm believers that good quality shouldn’t have to cost a fortune.

100% Fresh

At Esme’s we ensure we provide only fresh quality meat cuts

Affordable Prices

We provide premium meats at affordable rates good quality shouldn’t have to cost a fortune

Online Ordering 

We allow for online ordering bringing safety and convenience to our clients

Tailored Combos

Esme’s also has special combo packs to provide a great variety of meat at the cheapest of prices.

Cost effective meat

This Pack Includes

  • 2KG Hamburger patty
  • 2KG Mutton Pieces
  • 2KG Pork Chops
  • 2KG Chicken l/q
  • 2KG Mince Meat
  • 2KG Beef stew
  • 2KG Wors

This Pack Includes

  • 1KG Stewing Pieces
  • 1KG Club Steak
  • 1KG Brisket
  • 1KG Chuck/q
  • 1KG Ribs

This Pack Includes

  • 1KG Hamburger Patties
  • 1KG Mutton Pieces
  • 1KG Pork Chops
  • 1KG Chicken L/Q
  • 1KG Mince Meat
  • 1KG Beef Stew
  • 1KG Wors

This Pack Includes

  • 1KG  Tenderized Steak
  • 1KG Mutton Chops
  • 1KG Mutton Stew
  • 1KG Beef Stew
  • 1KG Chicken
  • 1KG Wors

This Pack Includes

  • 500G  Tenderized Steak
  • 500G  Pork Chops
  • 500G  Beef Stew
  • 500G  Chicken L/Q
  • 500G  Wors

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